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I recently read the following post from Derek Sivers: “When in doubt, try the difference“.

One part of the article that stood out to me was:

If you’re in doubt about something that’s in your life already, get rid of it. Not just things, this goes for identities, habits, goals, relationships, technology, and anything else. Default to not having it, then see how you do without.

I realize that all the “stuff” I own stresses me out. I don’t use it. It clutters spaces, and generally leaves me feeling unhappy.

Thus I begin my quest for minimalism.

A move in the office gave me the opportunity to reconsider what I carry around. I have 25 books that move from space to space, and I don’t generally reference them on a regular basis.

There are some great books here!

My plan is to:

  • Re-read each book
  • Write a review and summary (Similar to:
  • Give each book away! (Either in-person or online).
  • If a book gives me great value, I’ll purchase a Kindle version.

Update – change of plans!

I’ve decided to donate all the books to the F5 Project. It’s run by my friend Adam Martin who is doing amazing things to help people re-integrate into society after being in prison.