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Recently I launched a consulting business called “Sales Your Way: Tailored Coaching Strategies for the Non-Salesperson” (check it out now!)

(did you take a peek? It’s not too late)

A major component of my strategy was going to be content marketing. I had building blocks for components to a successful sales call that I wanted to deploy. Week by week, content around topics like goal-setting, mindset, time management, etc.

before you go further, take a moment and sign up for CoSchedule…trust me. Use this link to sign up.

How was I going to manage it all?

I’d used HootSuite before, because it was free.

It was ok.

I even signed up for a new account and queued up a few posts…then I thought to myself.

wait a second

there’s a cool company downtown called CoSchedule.

I even toured it once. I know a few people that work there.

The CEO follows me on Twitter and I met him at the tour.

These guys…

I should check out CoSchedule

Admittedly those aren’t the best reasons to check out a platform but it brought me to the site. I signed up and logged in.


I was blown away at the tools available. First of all it was super easy to link up to my existing social profiles (although LinkedIn could step up their game on analytics for personal posts…this is NOT CoSchedule’s fault).

mailchimp ✅

twitter ✅

facebook ✅

Now to get the content up there.

it was really easy!

Almost too easy at first. I got a few things going then wanted to change them. You can add posts to multiple social streams at once, but then they are there separately. No big deal…

…unless you want to change images in the post. My one suggestion is to store the images so you can easily reuse them on different posts rather than re-uploading each time.

sidenote: I wrote an email to my friend Jeremiah who works there, he passed the request on to the product team.

one week later…

I went through the first week, really easy to upload and manage content. It even caught a newsletter I’d sent from Mailchimp and added it to the calendar.

…I discovered ReQueue

Image result for such wow

Seriously it’s amazing. I was able to look at analytics (EXCEPT FOR LINKEDIN) and take my most popular posts…

…get them setup for ReQueue. There are options to make different lists (I’m breaking mine out by topic and having a call to action list to repost my right hooks)

Speaking of analytics, they do a crazy good job of figuring out the best times, days, and types of posts for each platform. I’m learning a lot about my audience and can’t wait to see more content in there.

(Cool feature idea…Jeremiah? Would be amazing to tie this into audience demographics sometime based on engagement…)

I haven’t gotten into it much yet but I’m really excited about labels, going to use those for different content types and categories. The filters are really powerful for the calendar and I have a feeling like labels will be a big part of it.

Also they throw in three users to start. My marketing assistant can start managing posts for me.

I’m a small team (me…solopreneur) but am finding HUGE value in the platform. It will be there for me at this stage and grow with me as I grow. This platform will also play a key role in my software business, Genesis Feed Technologies when we start doing more with social marketing.

(We interrupt this review for another feature suggestion…the e-mail subject analyzer (WHICH IS AMAZING) but have it for social posts like on Twitter and LinkedIN).

Also, while we’re on the subject of LinkedIn, get them to make better analytics for individual person posts, not just company pages.

It’s a great platform, I was on the fence about signing up as a paid user when I first looked at the platform but after one day of using it I knew I would be signing up.


Interested? You should be!

sign up today



  1. Sounds cool!

  2. Thank you so much for the review, Peter! It’s awesome to hear what folks like about CoSchedule and what they are excited about. 🙂

    • Love your product! Thanks for the comment and for the work your team does.

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