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enjoy the journey

The universe is screaming this at me lately, so I wanted to share it here.

You see, recently I quit my job to focus on a startup that I’ve been working on for the past year with two other partners. I thought I was ready having run several businesses in the past. But this is the first time I’ve run a business without the safety net of a full time job.

I see now why many people don’t take the risk.

There is a haunting sense of freedom and responsibility when you know that each dollar, each opportunity, each step won’t happen without you making a direct effort towards it. The horizon is filled with the promise of a wealth of abundance, but there is a shadow near you that is filled with fear, uncertainty, doubt, and a mindset of scarcity.

The trick is to focus on, and enjoy, the journey.

We all tend to aim for the goal instead of the journey itself , but spiritually speaking , how we get there is where we arrive . The journey determines the final destination . If we manipulate our way , we end up with a manipulated , self – made god . If we allow ourselves to be drawn and chosen by love , we might just end up with the real God .

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Townsend Wardlaw:

We’ve all heard the maxim about life being about the journey than the destination right?

As far as I’m concerned, your only destination is under six feet of dirt so you better appreciate every step of the way there!

It’s 2017 now and I made countless difficult decisions over the last year… I just can’t seem to remember many of them.

I will go so far as to say I don’t remember most of the truly difficult and gut wrenching choices I have made over the course of my life.

My reasoning is simple.

Life is about choosing what you will do next.

Yesterday never happened and tomorrow may never come.

There is only this moment and in this moment you possess the power to choose what you will do next.

how to enjoy it

Practice gratitude, be present, let go and receive what is being given freely.

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