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Today I am grateful for:
This beautiful weather.
The reason I appreciate and value this is:
It allows me the pleasure of sitting outside on my patio to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast. The birds are chirping, my girls are playing in the back yard, and a cool breeze floats by. I hear Tania say “Heidi up up up” and listen Emma dream about going on a walk, exploring the neighborhood. Heidi wags her tail, enjoying the attention of us all. Emma brought me some water from her room, I appreciate the gesture but not sure I should drink it because the source might be a bit suspect…and it does look cloudy.
Emma and Tania both come to sit on my lap, telling me stories in their own unique languages. Emma is excited about buying an umbrella for the patio table, Tania is fascinated by the green crayon she found.
It’s a beautiful day to sit outside and have a slow morning.

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