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Several weeks ago I hurt my elbow and have been using modified workouts at CrossFit. Today I was doing air squats and sit ups while the rest of the group was on the row machines and doing pull ups. For my first round I worked hard (or so I thought) and logged 25 air squats and 24 sit ups. During the minute break I thought to myself “I wonder if I could do 30?”

The next round I did 35 squats and 30 sit ups! Now we were rolling. I had a challenge each time. Rather than going into the minute thinking “get as many done as possible” I had a challenge…I had a mission. Hit 30 of each. Most of the rounds I hit my goal but I noticed a few things about the workout after I changed gears:

  1. Going at it by yourself is tough. When you are working out with a group, there are people around you to challenge you. It’s a natural competition and drive to do better. You are all in it together. When you are doing your own thing, those driving factors are gone and the motivation needs to come within.
  2. Set specific goals. When I approached the minute with a goal in mind, it changed my intensity. I had focus. The minute had a purpose.
  3. Celebrate! When I had a specific number in mind, it gave me something to look forward to. I was working towards that number and felt GREAT when I hit 34 or 35. Without that expectation it wouldn’t have felt the same way.

What are some of the ways you set goals for the small things?


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