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Several weeks ago, Jeff Bajorek posted a short but important video on YouTube. “What’s The First Thing You Do Every Day?”  Once you are ready for work, how do you start? Most people would answer by saying they check e-mail or social media.

Jeff notes that most people look for something to react to, rather than seizing the day. Do something positive! Take a few minutes to read 10 pages from a book that inspires you. Watch a motivational video on YouTube. DO SOMETHING that inspires you to approach the day with vigor.

His challenge was to take the rest of that week and next to start your day like this. I thought to myself, “I like this! I’m going to do it.” Here’s what happened.

When I wake up in the morning, my mind is like a coiled up spring. Energy bottled up from the previous night’s sleep that needs to go somewhere. I noticed the following on days that started with exercise a positive mindset:

  • I was more focused, accomplished more, and was more fun to be around.
  • Time felt more effortless.
  • Days had a clearer purpose.

On the days where I missed exercise and the right start:

  • My activities were less efficient.
  • It took more energy to get started with or move between tasks.
  • Negative thoughts increased exponentially.

Jim Rohn once said: “Don’t start the day until it is pretty well finished — at least the outline of the day. Leave some room to improvise. Leave some room for extra strategies, but finish it before you start it.”

This begins with your mindset. Have a positive mindset, set a vision for the day, then approach it with vigor!

What’s the first thing you do every day? Are there certain authors or people you follow, things you do to get motivated? Let me know in the comments.



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  1. Thanks for taking the challenge!

    It’s such a simple shift, and everybody’s got ten minutes they can repurpose in the morning. The twist comes when you feel like you actually have more time as a result!

    Keep it up!

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