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Monthly Archives: March 2021

So the other day I went to the “Front Street Taproom” with a friend for Monday open mic. I don’t know about you, but I love live music. I especially enjoy open mic events where you never really know who is going to play. The level of talent and variety of music can both surprise and amaze you. That night was no exception.

As we were listening to the music, I would notice pizzas coming in from a local spot two doors down. It wore me down eventually so I decided to take action.

“You never really need pizza…but is there ever a bad time for it?” I asked my friend.

Walking up to the bar I inquired about how to order a pizza. He gave me the menu which had a great selection and a phone number to call in the order. I made my choice and phone call only to find out the kitchen had closed 10 minutes ago.

It was a sad moment, but for the life of me I couldn’t stop thinking about pizza.

I had the itch and determination.

At the bar was a young lady enjoying a large pizza with the bar tender. I thought to myself and to my friend, “I wonder if she would part ways with a slice if I paid her for it?” My friend offered to broker the transaction. Me, however, not being terribly shy decided to make it happen myself.

I walked over to the bar, sat down, and explained the situation to the pizza owner. She had noticed me calling earlier and figured I had been out of luck. Fortunately for me she accepted my offer and I dug in. The pizza had tater tots and jalapeƱos on it, which prompted a discussion about odd pizza toppings and spicy food.

I love talking about food.

My friend joined us at the bar, and several of us began talking. This continued until we were the only ones left in the bar. I had asked each of us a question:

If you could sing and perform any song flawlessly, what would you perform for open mic?

(For the record my answer was “Don’t stop me now” by Queen). We all answered, and the bartender put the songs on the speakers. We all sang, enjoyed our songs, talked about our selections, smiled and laughed. I didn’t expect to listen to a My Chemical Romance song, or learn that the bartender was a huge Dylan fan, but there we were. Laughing, singing, and connecting.

My friend smiled about the situation and thanked me for starting it. I said “can you believe this all started over a $5 slice of pizza?”

It reminded me of playing a video game where you find a random side quest and go on this unexpected adventure. And it got me thinking…how many other situations like that are there in front of us each day? Like the time I met a stranger for coffee, which led me to a design thinking event, which led me to hiring my intern.

How many situations are like that, out there, waiting for you?

Next time?

Approach the stranger and offer to buy a slice. You never know what will happen.